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"I've used the Internet name xpbr2000 for a long time. You can usually find me searching by that. This site is dedicated to various hobbies that I enjoy. FrankForged.com is a place where I can showcase my forging of ideas and projects. Feel free to look around and check out what's here. I'm frequently adding things and updating on progress. I also post to a few other sites frequently. I will also include a link to each of those sites.

My motto is- If things aren't great, make them great."


Racing Drones

Drones are a more recent hobby that I've gotten into. I own 2 racing drones, a 250mm ZMR & 100mm H frame brushless micro. What I plan to do is create videos for my YouTube Channel.


My channel on YouTube has a variety of videos that include cars, guns, discgolf, drones and more. I'm always working on a video to upload. Enjoy.

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If you have any questions or comments feel free to contact me.

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