Day 1 “The Introduction”

Well, its time.

To give you a history of my 96 camaro, I bought it back 2003 with 160,000 miles on it. It was all stock, coupe, 3800 v6, manual trans, and no power windows or seats. Man, It felt good to drive it home. I did some mods here and there, but nothing serious. I had transmission problems, cooling problems, and A/C problems. It didn’t bother me. I spent a lot of time, having fun, working on her and keeping her problems at bay. She ran strong too.
After a few of years and 50,000 miles the motor finally had a enough of the cooling issues and blew a head gasket. (STUPID HEATER BYPASS ELBOW!…lol) At the time I didn’t have the money or the time to fix it, but I wasn’t going to let her go. I moved around a bit and bought a house. I took her with me each time I moved. 4 years have passed now. She’s in bad shape, visually. I recently had the misfortune of my truck breaking down and so I gambled and bought a used motor for both. Turns out, I fixed my truck and now have a motor sitting there to put in the Maro. It’s been a few months now and the weather has warmed up. So I have decided to begin “Operation X”

So far I haven’t done much but work on getting it to start. The gas has been in the tank for 4 years and needs to be emptied. My fuel pump isn’t working. Squirrels I think have made a home under the hood and in the trunk. I have had my shop-vac out there cleaning up the mess and taking all my stereo equipment out getting it ready for operation.

I’m sure this will be a year long or maybe two year long project. But I hope to get her back to her prime or hopefully better. I’ll be keeping the updates here to help me stay on track. My goal is to get it back to the condition or better than when I bought her.

Here’s a pic of a year or so after I bought it. The best she has looked since I have own her. I’ll post current pics this afternoon. They will be awful so be nice.

First pictures after I purchased it in 2003

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