Day 1094 “Change-up”

Well to jump start my appearance modding I wanted to clean up the stereo system by hiding a few components and reducing the wire that shows. My new box will be stealth. Completely covered nothing visible unless I want it visible. I also got a package on Friday.


97+ console:

Only issues I’ve had installing it are the power outlets i don’t have harness for which is no biggie I can have new collars made and fix that. and the ashtray isn’t as big on the new consoles so my touch screen ignition isn’t going to fit there. I think I’ve got a new place that is pretty good but i have to finish up the other stuff before hand.

So, this was pretty much how it was laid out before.

So far I’ve hidden about half of the components.

The XM receiver:

While I was at it moved the antenna to the t-top divider. I hope this helps the tall trees kicking out my reception.

The door speaker amplifier will be under the seat.

X-over in the glove box:

All that’s left is the 2 amps for the rear subs. with the new box i’m going to be able to hide those as well.

Here are a couple of shots of the ignition board illuminating the under side of the dash. I thought it was cool looking.

On board Bluetooth chip:

So, as of right now my car sits without interiors panels, console, or quite a few dash panels.

Tomorrow will be a busy day.

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