Day 1222 “Weekend Summary”

Weekend Summary!

I received new LED 881 lamps. These seems to be better quality but not as bright. they glow well enough to do what I want for daytime running lights.

Also the big thing this weekend was this.

I didn’t open it for a couple hours. then just said F-It.

And you get 50 HP right out of the box.

I’ve corrected my speedo, disabled the dtc code that has been giving me trouble until I can find a solution to it. and I lowered my idle from 850 to 700rpm. Which i have to say makes the GT2 lope pretty good. Right now there is no stalling with it that low but I’ve only driven it this morning at 700 so time will tell.

Last, My LEDs for the 3rd brake light came in. This will be the test bed for wiring and testing before I go full out on making a set of LED tail lights.

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