Day 1295 “Venison Tradition”

In tradition, I hit yet another deer this new year. It was minor damage mostly my headlight, signal housing, and fender. I fixed most of it but had to get creative.

After a little tweaking:

Luckily, I had to buy a pair of headlights last time so I had a spare for this side. The signal marker wasn’t so lucky. The lens was shattered. But surprisingly the housing was still intact. So, I made a lexan lens to act as a temp lens until I figure out what I want to do.

Lexan… its whats for dinner!

Crappy seal job, I know. it will be night shaded and this is only temporary.

Among other things, I redid my led 3rd brake and decided to see what the spaced leds looked like because it was half the leds. This is going to be easier for me to wire and solder. Since my deer episode cost me a front marker, I decided to change those as well. They are going to be a little different as well.

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