Day 1309 “All LED Project”

So I’ve decided that rather than just make some LED tails, I’m going to convert pretty much everything I can to LED. I’m not going to buy direct replacement LED lamps that fit where the stock lamps do. No. I’m going to create a it from scratch. I’m beginning with small lenses like the 3rd Brake and now the Rear Dome light. These are more for testing than final designs. I’m just making sure my circuit design can stand up to the electrical system.

I’m calling this part of the project “All LED”. The most exciting part of the project is I plan on using a Raspberry Pi to control some of the functions, namely the sequential signals on the front and rear. The plan is to have ~5 panels light up in sequence sorta similar to the Stang but a couple steps further. Along with that the Tails design and layout will look different. I’m working up a photoshop again and maybe a video simulating the sequential pattern.

Along with this I’m creating my own projectors and using LED to fill the area inside the headlight cubby. I plan on ordering the parts kit tomorrow.

I also plan on ditching the road lamp housings. I’ll probably throw them up for sale. To replace them I will incorporate a running light in the front signal area. All this will be very discrete and no blinding oncoming traffic! I’m taking in consideration the brightness and placement of all the LEDs I don’t want to blind, just be seen.

“Rear Dome Light Conversion”

Board installed:

Old light output!!

New LED output!!


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