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Day 663 “Black Night”

Well, due to the wifey’s starter solenoid going out on her Corolla, I had to throw the rims back on so we can get everyone to work and school. I snapped a quick pic last night. I’ll take a better pic today. I’m liking them.

On another note, the fiber glass dash has a flaw… fiberglass expands in the heat. so the dash has cracked in about 100 places. its all still intact just looks like crap :-\ . I guess now I’m going to vinyl it. Pics to follow.

Day 668 “Slow Weekend”

Well, this weekend was slow.

I reinforced my plexi trunk cover,

mounted the neons,

and made a bracket to hold the dash in place, so when it cools down it don’t want to buck up where it meets the the dash.

Also the rest of the paint arrived!

Its now to get my lazy ass to work.

Day 671 “Disassembly”


The disassembly:

I re-cut the bumper to line up with the headlight and then removed the them.

The start of a parts pile:

Next: the marker lights and the corners, then on to a bit of fender alignment/shaping.

Day 678 “I need some Air”

Well, so far the past 2 days have been very slow, but…its progress. I’m thinking Sat I should be able to get a lot more done. My air setup is just enough to run my DA sander. I got 2 compressors feeding 1 hose. I need a larger tank to hook up. I barely have 10 gal of tank with these 2 compressors, but it works.

Day 681 “Highlight of the Night”

(27 Days till G16)

OK, so far this weekend, I’ve painted the interior panels with SEM 17113 graphite after the Vinyl fail. I also finished the vinyl dash pad.

First coat:

Final coat: (note to any one doing this, I would use the plastic prep stuff SEM has and some SEM clear coat for vinyl. These are necessary for good adhesion. I didn’t use the prep and I’m regretting it. but, for most people new plastic in the color you want probably don’t cost as much as the cans of spray. So my suggestion is to find the panels in a the color you want before trying to use this stuff.)

Before clear coat, but the last pic that i took before i installed them: (I’ll get some more pics tomorrow in the daylight)

Also another kink in the works is my trunk panel…. d’oh! I gotta make another grrr! To much heat!

The only good thing this weekend so far:

Foam. I used 3/8″ thick. I wouldn’t go any more than that. I wish I had found 1/4″ but it worked. I also wouldn’t foam the edge facing the windshield. It makes it hard to install.

Wrap the edges:

Nice and smooth. I hope the wrinkles come out in the heat, but over all decent job. I was happy just to see some thing work for a change :-\ .

and finally, installed. Along with the AC knob I ordered. Also a highlight of the night. Better pics tomorrow!

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