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Day 1031 “The Bench Test”

The first of 3 puzzle pieces for the keyless ignition came in today.

My relay board for the switching of the ignition wirlessly. Its got a Bluetooth interface and I made a box for it while I have it on my desk for bench testing.

Day 1040 “Misplaced”

Small change in plans for the tablet. I’m not using the Tablet. 7″ is just too much space for the 93-96 dash. I use my radio a lot more than I would the Tablet, so it was returned. But here are some pics of the mock up. It was just a mock up btw. I also hated the location of the radio. You couldn’t see it because of the shifter and you had to dodge the shifter to change the volume. Putting anything in front of the shifter is pointless.

It looks extremely cool at night.

A couple other things that axed the tablet idea for me was powering and the visibility in bright conditions. you really need a screen made to be seen in the sun. Tabs and phone just aren’t powered that way.

On a more productive note. I got my wiper switch in and rewired my power to my subs with 4 gauge (by a suggestion from nismo). I can tell a little better sound quality. Also got my fuse a little closer to the battery. I think that was also hindering my performance as well.

I also took my LCA roto-joints apart and greased them up and tightened them down a little more and i have finally gotten rid of the “Klunk” that I’ve been having.

Now that I’m back to my Droid X as my start button for the ignition, I can start figuring out the details of power and placement..

First my battery is shot. I’m trying to figure out how to wire the phone directly to the car. I could get another battery but heat and lack of 100% charge all the time I think is going to be a problem.

Placement I think i’m going to do something like this. I’ll need to look at the newer console when it comes in to place it on that.

There’s only a month until the gathering. That’s not much time to install and test the system for reliability.

Day 1046 “Stealth Controls”

(26 days before G17)

I finally mounted my dedicated Android Device (old Droid X phone) in the console. It fits pretty good. I’ve been debating putting it recessed and it just looks cleaner than it being on top. plus it keeps it out of the sun mostly.

I’ve also been trying to figure out what to do about waking the phone upon entry and finally settled to this:


This weekend I also started cutting out for the road lamps. I’m going to get brackets made to mount them and hopefully weather permitting have them installed this week.

Day 1048 “Steath Controls Box”

As the Gathering approaches I continue to get more and more motivated to finish up these last few things before G17 like Oil change and topping off the trans.

So last night I spend all my time getting the ac stuff installed…. new compressor drier and orifice. The old compressor had zero Pag oil left in it. It wont even spin. It looks like metallic icing inside the crankcase bolt hole and the orifice tube look like someone took a dump in my ac. It’s probably all related. Its a good thing is that it still held the refrigerant so I’m hoping it seals and works once I charge the system. I’m hopefully doing that today.

I also got a box for the relay board. Now to find a home for it in the dash somewhere.

I made the brackets to hold my road lamps. These are getting install today!!

Day 1050 “Tons of Room”

I haven’t run them on the road at night, yet. I just got them wired up last night. For 27w they do a nice job. I found some 47w xenon lamps to match my headlights so they might do a lot better. Here are the pics from last night.

Relay location… C10 conversion still continues to be awesome. lots of room for things like this.

Road lamps only 27 w 881 lamps:

Road lamps and headlight with new Streetglow 80w 9006 Xenon lamps:

Honestly the holes in the radiator support for the stock fogs need to be bigger for these. They are right up against the radiator support and adjusting them is a pain. When I swap lamps to the 47w xenon, I’ll get my dremel or something and cut the holes bigger for the back of the lamp to stick through. The housings are nearly perfect match to the body lines it flush with the angle in the front and the size of the opening. I need to do the whistler mod to them so they match my headlights.

Day 1055 “Everything is Red”

(17 days till G17):

I’m knocking out small details like rear caliper paint. Now they match the front caliper.

Also Monday, I’m getting a Cat installed to try to kill a noise in my exhaust. We will see what that does.

The last thing on my list is to actually wire up my keyless ignition… Its crunch time and I hope everything works, I “hope”.

Here are a few pics from today.

Day 1065 “Curious”

OK, a few more thing came in finally.

Magnaflow cat

For anyone interested to what the inside looked like, I know I was curious.

Floor mats:

I’ve got the cat installed but I need to get one more drive by clip before I post. I’m glad i put it on.

Day 1066 “Missing Something”

Today was pretty productive. And better be, seeing as the gathering is days away!

I got my locking pin out. However, the wiper switch I have isn’t the right one.

But I got it put back together and also got my ignition wires pulled to tap into for the ignition. I made the harness, wired it to the board, and its ready to install. Tomorrow, I hot wire the wiper switch until they send the right one and wire the relay board.

Removed the locking pin:

How it sits until tomorrow:

I also got my LED 881 lamps in today. Those are also going in tomorrow.

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