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Day 1361 “Compressor Parts”

I’m super excited that the carport will be installed on Monday.

I poured the concrete pad for the compressor. I will enclose it and have a little storage for hoses, air specific stuff, and maybe my shovels.

I also got a few compressor parts in for the pump. I’m going to change the valves and gaskets as soon as they come in which should be Monday. Maybe in a week I can drop the compressor on the slab. But that’s a little ambitious.

Day 1367 “Isolation”

It was a busy day today. I got the compressor bolted down. Tomorrow I will plumb it all.

I made vibration isolators from a 4 in rubber coupler.




Still got to find a place to mount this air dryer.

Day 1377 “Close enough to smell the fumes”


As the days roll closer, I’m almost ready to spray. I’ve plumbed just about everything. I forgot a coupler when I was at Lowes so one last run for that and some lube for the pump and its ready to pressurize, The Boneman will be here on the 4th and we’ll be spraying that weekend. I hope the weather holds up.

I managed to put 31 ft of pipe in a 4 ft space.  I’ll just enclose the hardware at some point fix the front door and that part will be ready to roll

Day 1379

The compressor is finally finished and running. I just have a couple leaks to find and fix, then we are golden.

The next things on the list are to get all the materials to create the Paint booth. Lots of plastic rolls, fans, filters, etc. I’m even going to get a thermostat and humidity gauge just to make it the highest low tech booth ever.

This weekend I’ll also start disassembly and sanding. We are talking door jams and all. Its going to be a big to do.

Weather forecast right now is clear/cloudy and barely 70. I think in the booth it will be just right with clear plastic and the sun.

Day 1380 “DYI Paint Booth Kit”

So, One more week and the Bone shall help me create what should be “the shit” of all paint jobs.

Lots to do. I was off today. So I went and made a significant purchase from Lowes. That 6 mil plastic is damn expensive.

Pile of paint booth:

4 – Box fans
4 – Dust filters
1 – Load-O-Lumber
10ft x 125ft of 6mil plastic

And the DIY paint booth hardware kit:

It comes with ever so important measurement instruments.

I’ve already started raising the wall but Tomorrow will be the day I get some hired help to erect the booth for realz.

I got an extra qt of base to be on the safe side. Don’t want to run out of base for sure. Got the film which we will badge the 3800 on the spear stripe on the hood. I’ll be playing with size and style after the booth is done. I have a lot of sanding to do.

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