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Day 241 “Time for some Color”

Tried to finish up but looks like i’ll need a few more cans of paint. lol got about 4 coats of color on there then the daylight was gone. luckily I have portable daylight that I acquired *ahem* from work. (6x54w high output T5 (European) fluorescent lamp stuffed in a 2ft x 4ft box lol. Normally used in warehouses with 50 ft ceilings. It lights up the tree line behind the house form 200 ft away very handy!!!)

Here are todays pics and shes going to have to have a bath now.


4 coats:

I can still see the primer. Hopefully a another 4 coats should do it. But none the less, so far so good. Looks like the color will match pretty well too. (Autozone Duplicolor MQB metalic)

Day 246 “Upgrades…”


Well, its tax time of course and the first order of business is the transmission. Thursday night I pulled the transmission out. Friday I took vacation and bought a used transmission with 38000 mi on it. It took me and a friend all night to put it in. Also with the trans, I put in a new clutch and bought an alum drive shaft while I was at it. I think when Tremic bought Borg & Warner the transmissions quit having problems. This trans IS a Tremic! Anyway, I am so happy to have a properly working transmission.


Day 247 “Wash, Upgrades & paint”

Day 247:

I came home late last night after installing the trans and found on my door step a surprise! I received a STB and a CAI. Complements of Colin (savagecamaro96, V6F-Body.com).

So, on Saturday I started the day off by giving her a much needed bath.

After the wash, I finished the the paint and clear. I think I got a good match but I’ll have to wait till I get the clear coat smooth again to know for sure.

I painted into the night and got the last coat of clear on.

I even painted the CAI.


And got the STB & CAI installed.


Day 248 “How good was my touch up?”

I couldn’t tell what shape my paint skills were until the morning. I got up and sorta dreaded what I might see in the daylight. I think it turned OK. Maybe it will match better after I color sand it.


I took it for a spin today. Let me tell you, OMG that STB really made a difference…… It’s almost ready for G15… almost!!

Day 255 “Paint doesn’t match”

Well i’m sad to say the paint isn’t quite as close as I would like. The (5) 8oz cans from Autozone is enough to get the full coat of paint that it needs. I did some buffing and got it to shine a little. But I’m almost inclined to get me a sprayer and some paint from auto body supply and repaint the doors and fender as well as paint the front cap.

Also I received my replacement fitting for my heater hoses. Complements for V6fixit.com. Now I can make it look right. And let me tell you, that STB makes the car feel good, but it make a PITA to work on in those tight spaces.

Now to get that engine bay clean…


Day 261 “Major Problems”

I have some bad news. My radiator leaked all the coolant from the system and I didn’t know it. I drove about five miles and realized the temp gauge hasn’t moved. As i got off the highway my valves started chattering. I blew a head gasket and my radiator has a huge leak on the seal in the ends. Looks like i’ll be pulling the motor again, tearing down the motor and get the heads reworked. This will give me a chance to clean the motor and engine bay. maybe i’ll find a deal on some goodies while I’m at it.

Here it is me putting a new radiator in. shortly after the disaster.

Day 274 “Back to the shop”

Here is a vid of the current dilemma

I’ve got her snugly fit inside the shop here with just enough room to work

I’ve started the tearing down, but didn’t get far on Friday. It was really hard to get moving. The time change has really slowed me down.

Day 276 “Halfway Out”

I got back on the car on made good progress. I’m about halfway done. got most of the little stuff done. Now time for the big stuff.

I guess it will take another night or 2 to get the motor out. Another night to pull the heads. I’m thinking I’ll have it back together this coming weekend. but Before I install the motor again. I must do a lot of clean up. It’s a mess under there. Maybe I can detail/paint some more parts.

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