Day 3581 “Equipment Testing and Wiring Nightmare”

None of my installed equipment, other than the more recent things, has been powered on since more than a year ago. First is to figure out all the wiring I’ve added over the years and then power up everything. Its a bit overwhelming. Once I got in there I remembered a lot. It also helps that I made a wiring diagram of a lot of it.

I had to start modifying things to be direct wired. I tried alternative power sources and this was the only one that worked. So I got to hacking.

Not prettiest thing I’ve made, probably not the worst either.

I added more wiring to the already massive amount above the windshield. There is only a phone charger, mirror power, mirror camera wire, and factory wires shown here. They just add up.

The pillar is going to be pain. I’ll have to do something to enlarge the space. It doesn’t fit anymore.

Then on to the, probably over complicated, relay stack that controls all my Push Button start, auto-locking, Immobilizer, and the power relays for accessories. This is where the diagram was my savior. I’m so happy past me didn’t get lazy on this.

Here, I’ve made a short clip of the start up inside the car. Lots of stuff going on. The image is a large GIF file. I don’t know how well it will show here. Give it time to load.

The other thing I’ve started is the console. I have to start fabricating in order to fit the required electronics.

This is most of the stuff that has to fit.

I mocked up the dimensions related to the car so I can start fab-ing brackets and a console frame. This also is based on how comfortable it is to drive. There will be many parts to this console for various functions. But rest assured, it will have a functional cup holder.

I have a bit more work to do before I see any head way. There is more equipment tests I have to run on stereo, push button start, auto-locks, and the immobilizer system. hopefully that will get hashed out this next weekend.

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