Day 3706 “Slow and Steady… nope, Steady is on back-order”

I haven’t posted in a while, however that isn’t because I haven’t been working on stuff for the camaro. In the last post I relocated my HVAC controls and I ordered stepper motors to replace the knobs to control it remotely.

The motors are in. I did a test on how to operate them with my Raspberry Pi 3. They spin but I still have to develop some way to index the turning with values. More work is needed.

I’ve been changing a few things on the camera mirror. I upgraded to a wider version and mounted the camera to the back glass. I like this location since it raises the camera to be able to see the car. This helps the depth perception since its a fish eye lens.

I also made a purchase that I’ve been holding off on since I didn’t need it yet. I was concerned that I would wait too long and it wouldn’t be available anymore. So, I decided to jump on buying it. Here is a conversion plate for a T56 to bolt to a 3.8. Its made in Australia by Malwood, so It took a minute to get here. It currently sits on the parts pile for when I grenade my T5 or just find a good deal on a T56.

I purchased a new 3d printer (Ender 3 v2) since my old one was failing to complete prints due to some hardware issues. I plan to print dash /console parts on this. I want to build a large format printer, however I’m not ready yet. The old printer can donate its life (and guts) to be reborn as part of a custom large format printer.

And finally, where most of my effort the past couple months have gone. The shop floor has finally been coated. I needed to insulate the ceiling beforehand so I didn’t have to get a lift on a brand new floor. We had a few hiccups, but its now done and looks great! it looks so clean I don’t even want to drive on it lol.

Next steps in the shop are getting everything back in the main part of the shop. My soon to be paint booth is just a mess. It needs to be empty so I can start working on that. My paint job I did back a few years ago need attention. The list never gets smaller.

Next steps on the car, however, is to finish the HVAC relocation remote contol, and getting back on the console/wiring. I need get the loose ends on the truck tied so it can be my daily for a while. I can then focus on the car for a bit without having to put it together well enough to drive it every Monday lol.

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