Day 3904 “Quick Update”

The Blog hasn’t been getting a lot of attention lately but the car doesn’t like that so it breaks and I have to fix it. But with the weather getting warmer and the shop back to a functional space I can park the car and start tearing it apart this year. I just have to get a few things lined up.

First thing is my Backup Daily had a mishaps. I don’t know if how much its going to take to repair. Currently I know the A arms in the front are bent and door and fender need to be replaced. I’m not going to put a lot of time into making it look good. I just want to get more use out of the motor in it which has less than 100k on it. I may swap it into a s10 roller. I’m still undecided on what route to take. I will need a daily while I take apart the Camaro.

As for the Camaro, its fine but apparently gets emotional when I don’t give it attention. I needed to do some electrical maintenance on the Battery cables. The voltage was running low for a while but I didn’t look into it very closely until it quit charging on me during the snow storms and nearly left me on the side of the road. “OK, I get it. You want attention. I can take a hint.”

The Alternator cable has gotten very hot and ruined the plating. I figure it was a bad ground to the block or something. I cut off the bad parts and replaced the end.

I also improved all the grounds and cleaned up a good bit of corrosion on the battery terminals themselves.

It’s all buttoned back up and now charging at 13.8 again. 😀

And finally, Something to enjoy while I’m doing major surgery on the Camaro. I’ve had it about 5 months now and its makes parking the car for extended periods of time a lot easier. I commute on it everyday it isn’t raining 😀

Welcome the newest member of the family. The 99 Honda CBR919RR.

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