Day 290 “A Milestone”

I’m glad to report that the motor is bolted to the car…….. that’s all!

One more day of wrenching then maybe I’ll start this baby up.
Got a lot done this weekend. It was mostly details, cleaning, and painting. I took a few quick snap shots, and  messed up my shoulder as well. I probably could have spend a few more hours and finished it but I though it better to rest the shoulder. I’m getting old I suppose.

The progress:
I decided to start putting things back together, but mainly because there ain’t much room in that garage.

I got the motor put back together…..

Because I was in a cleaning mood I wiped down the engine.

This is the part that wears me out and scares the $#!+ out of me sometimes with all the creaks and pops. I see the car just dropping at any moment…. which is stressful!

And with this pretty sight I decided to call it a night!

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