Day 403 “Check In”

Alright time to report!

In a couple months I’ll be pulling the motor, yet again. The valve train noise, according to the shop, Is a cam bearing.

Yes, I’ve decided to Cam.  I’m going with a ZZP GT2 Cam. I’ve already started sourcing parts. Today I received some LS6 springs. A few weeks ago I bought some Pacesetter Headers. So all of you can Zip It about them ugly manifolds now. I still need a 97 PCM (mine=96=sux) to tune with. Practically, it will be a fresh motor by the end.

Hopefully soon I’ll be elbows deep in grit and grime again. Not that I like the idea of pulling the motor a 3rd time, but just that I might be faster this time

I can’t wait to get the motor redone, that way I can get back to body work and suspension.

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