Day 407 “Rattle….Clang”

Well, since I started driving the Camaro again, I noticed there was a “rattle” or “clanging” when I down shift. I thought it was an exhaust rattle but yesterday the SES light was on. I check it and bank 2 was running rich so I pulled the valve cover on the right side. 3 lifters were a little loose. I had to reuse the rocker bolts cause no one had any in town. I used lock tight in hopes that they would hold. I did order some reusable bolts afterwards, but i never put them in. So I replaced the right side rocker bolts with the reusable ones and the clanging noise has stopped for now.

I still think there’s an exhaust leak between my manifold and Y pipe, but I’ll be glad when I get to take her all apart and put my headers on.

Word to the wise, buy reusable rocker bolts.

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