Day 497 “Packages and Parts”

I’ve got the first phase of parts waiting on me now .

I received 3 packages. 2 from kdm212 ( and 1 from

Here is the current parts pile (I forgot to include the trunk panels on the first pic which is not blurry. The second pic is just for the trunk panels.)

Here is the current parts list

GT2 Cam (on its way)
90# valve springs
LS1 retainers
Pacesetter Headers
97 pcm for tuning
egr block off plates
shock tower brace
T-tops with door rubbers
trunk panels
oil level senor
fuel filter

So much to do now. I gotta clean up the shop so i can use it. Within the next 2 weeks I’ll have it tore down to take the block to the shop and let them work their magic. I’m sending the pcm to PCMforless and then sometime after getting the motor straightened out, cutting the roof for the t-top conversion.

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