Day 518 “Cam installed”

I got the cam installed.. new chain and damper.  I should have gotten more done. I had a late start and other issues hindered me. First off, it took an hour it feels like just to get the balancer off. I felt as if I was going to break the engine stand. I seriously was about to stand on it. I had a 2 ft pipe on a 10″ ratchet. I seriously thought it was going the wrong way. (I did switch direction to prove to myself it wasn’t a left hand thread) After nearly breaking my arm and the stand, then also bending a flywheel bolt,  it finally gave up and broke loose.

After that everything went smoothly. I couldn’t put the timing cover back on because I need a 1-1/8″ or 29mm to torque the cam sprocket bolt down. I gotta get the socket, oil & antifreeze at lunch. I think that all I will need to get her back together.

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