Day 641 “G16 Planning + Stereo”

OK, I’ve planned what I’m going to do for g16. I’ve taken a few things out so I can be done realistically.

-First I’m cutting out the paint job. However I will be sporting a blue primer, black wheels, berger and headlight cubbies.

-Putting the repaired dash back in after I do some fiberglass reinforcement on the underside.

-I’ve go to pull the trans and replace the throw out bearing.

-And within the next 2-3 weeks I’ll be parking her, taking her apart, and getting her ready for the body work and primer.

I also threw out the old headliner. I just wasn’t good enough for me.

This weekend I decided to tackle the stereo. I’ve got it mostly done. Here are some pics of the progress over the weekend. I ran everything under the carpet (driverside seat and panels had to come out :-\ lol)

Here is what i planned.

it started with the most complicated-simple box i have ever put together. i had to have 1 cu.ft and it took pretty much the largest box you can fit down in the pocket. there are no 90 deg cuts on the whole thing. everything is angled to get 1.05 cu.ft,

then make a full size top,

test fit the electronics,

And rattle can a carpet like paint.

It fits!! lol

This is a horrible pic but I worked well into the night to get the wiring done. I had to run (2) 5 wire cables to run the 6 speaker system while also using the factory harness.

Its a rats nest at the moment. I have to get the wires cleaned up but I’ll have finished pics soon.

The final design is going to also have a place for the tops to sit and not block my sub. also I’m going to order a RF P2D4-12 to replace that MTX 10.

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