Day 830 “Lights Out”

These past weeks I’ve been working out the kinks out of the car. I had a timing chain noise, SES light, and Low oil light.

The SES light was a heater circuit on my bank 2 o2 sensor. So I pulled the plug and check the wires. They’re all fine. I then gave the pins a slight twist to help bite into the female plug. The SES stayed on for a day, then to my joy, the light went off before I left my driveway this morning. Problem solved.

As for the timing gear I got a cloyes gear set at O’reillys and install it. The noise is a lot quieter and according to the autozone manager “The duralast chain shouldn’t be purchased alone.  It should be purchased with a gear set. Because they are made to mate together.” I’m like, “Well, why the hell do you sell just the chain?”  Anyway, after much arguing he gave me the money back on the chain. Considering the amount of money I’ve spent on gaskets and a whole shit load of other stuff, that the least he could do. time will tell whether my chain noise is solved.

And lastly, the “Low Oil” Light…. stupid me. I somehow overlooked the most obvious problem, a bad harness. One of the wires was completely severed. Luckily I have a spare harness and the oil sensor plug wasn’t damaged on it at all.

I no longer have lights on my dash! Now I need an oil change. :-\

I also changed my PCV valve. It’s the first time I’ve done that. I hope it fixes my front main oil leak. It’s a slow leak but a messy leak.

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