Day 1425 “Slowly but Surely”

G18 To do list
oil change
Timing chain
Leds for the headlights
power-steering pump
finish my sub install
shim the shocks
touch up the dash
big clean up
final polish

It was supposed to be a busy weekend to knock out half of this list. But thanks to the corolla and mothers day (Note: I’m not slamming either of those BTW) I had time only to tackle 4 things.

Got a new blower motor. Now the car actually cools down after sitting in the sun for hours lol. The tint probably helps too.

The timing chain was pretty important so I made sure that was done this weekend.

I finally installed my metal elbows.

Then because it was 8pm on Sunday i decided to try and throw on the SFC. 4 hours later they were done. :-\

They look so nice. Too bad they aren’t seen.

They still looks good though.

My booth is showing her age lol. It wasn’t built to last and it’s getting a little tattered. It won’t be long until I take her down. Its been a good few weeks having it and so many memories.

Getting up on the ramps was a little hard.

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