Day 1431 “LEDs, Shims, and Bass”

This is a busy weekend for sure.

The new sub is installed finally.  It sounds great paired with the 12. I finally have all that mid bass without the mind fuzzing 12 trying to do it.

A few layers of paint both matte black and the carpet spray paint. I still can’t believe how close is it to the trunk lining.


I also managed to knock out quite a few annoying things.

Shimmed the shock finally. I hope this gets rid of the rattle in my shock tower.

This is where the dust cover would have mounted. Now the thickness is where it is supposed to be.

Going Back In:

I finally re-badged the back window. It’s now worthy to cruise to G18.

The most visually appealing thing I accomplished was my LEDs for the headlights. They are finally installed. Although these look great, I plan to redesign the headlights completely but keep this same look. The aiming in this design is less than ideal. I’ve had to remount them to the car several times to get them properly aimed. But they are installed and ready for G18

Finishing the tedious soldering:

Installed Preview:

Final Install:

I’ll probably sharpie the resistors and the screw heads prior to the show. They stand out a little too much.

Night Shots:

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