Day 1782 “Bone Manor/D’Casa Nossy”

Geez, what a weekend…

I took a few days to visit Bone and Nossy to try and work on the Bone. It was a busy weekend. We did get to weld on my exhaust some. Here is a progress report of the past few days.

From the collection of parts I got from my memphis visit Laura gave me her stock filter box. I also found a 3.4 connecting tube that is almost an exact fit for a 90 elbow.

It came in the day before I left for GA. It looks pretty good to me. I like the fit and the ease of access too.

The 3.4 tube had to be trimmed about an 1in to connect to the elbow.

When I got to the Bone Manor/D’casa Nossy. When wrenched hard on the bone for 2 days. Then decided it was time to vent with some good ole gunpowder and lead.

The bone took a lot more time than we thought mainly because I’m getting old and slow.

But we went ahead and chopped up my exhaust to weld in a MagnaFlow Y-pipe. just to see if all this talk about the flow of the y-pipe causes most of our rasp.

I got it up off the ground, looked at what we needed, and ran to the parts store

Jim was adamant that this wasn’t to big or too ricey. I failed to see his point.

Point of no return, chopping the pacesetter y-pipe.

Jim began welding up the pieces

This was also something we were going to change. This here makes way to much noise inside the car.

We got the Y-pipe and cat welded as well as the after muffler pipe.

We also cut and welded a flange to bolt the new y-pipe in instead of welding it to the stock cat back pipe. Here are some gratuitous action shots with the cutting wheel.

We got the rear pipe installed. This makes it so much quieter in the car. I can actually hear the sound of the exhaust vs the drone of the sound hitting the ground.

We got the y-pipe installed at about 10pm on sunday. I had to be back home for work the next day. :-\ It was a long ride home.

Last night however I got a chance to work on sealing the headers because we had to ditch the factory donuts.

I got a couple 2 bolt flange gaskets to stick between the ball and flange. it seems to seal them up pretty good.

I’m back in the camaro today. The exhaust sounds completely different and the underside looks pretty good. I’ll have to get some new exhaust video very soon.

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