Day 3414 “Time to get back at it”

Well it’s been 8 months of working on a house but it’s done. It’s time to get back to all the projects I left unfinished. That includes OperationX. There are several things I’ve done during this 8 months that just haven’t been posted except little hints and vague references. I’m sorry for not getting everything posted. I’ll be catching up on the Car and get back to rolling on posts as well.

The Garage is a complete mess but its pretty much ready for me to do what ever I want inside. I’ll be posting a little bit of that but only if its relates to the car. Overall I’m pretty stoked about the garage. But I still haven’t been able to park in it yet, which is a bummer. I also haven’t been taking good care of the car either. It’s way over due on an oil change and probably several other things as well as a good wash. You can tell in this photo just how filthy it got. Its rained since so the layer of dust is gone but the filth just sticks to it.

I finally can get back to business as usual. I have lots of big tasks on going. The car is literally in pieces. I’ve been driving it with half a dash since the first of the year. None of my new gauges are hooked up. All my electronics are disabled. I was in the middle of redoing all my wiring and the house happened. So, I’ll be very happy to get my push button start, autolock and unlock, and the gauges back. Using keys are just boring now lol. I even managed to ditch the keys on the house with some nifty coded deadbolts. I’m liking it.

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