Day 129 “Installed!”

I installed the motor today. I’m very pleased with it. It looks good and I’m ready to get her started. I did run into a fuel pump problem again but I hope to fix that soon. But Here’s it is……..

P.S. It is very difficult to write a “write-up” backwards when trying to install. But also, it makes you think about the install while your taking it out so…….. Its a win-win. I’m putting my notes together, and will create a “How To” in a few Days, just for the next Guy….. and if I every have to do this again. But I’m having fun with this project. I did most of it by myself, I had a helper with me a few times. I do suggest having 2 people but It can be done with only one person……. But free help is …… well free. (I take that back, I did promise to let him drive it once, if he put in the wrench time… Supervised of course.)


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