Day132 “Success!”

I managed to clean the fuel pump. Thank you, WD40. It started up just fine. I let her run for about 10 min to check oil pressure, temp, and to see if it would throw any codes. Everything checked out fine. I must find me a Steering pump reservoir since mine is broken. My rigging didn’t hold. It drips still.

I’ve got a couple of pics and a video. I hope to start driving her this weekend.

Stupid Fuel pump:  5 months sitting and this is how bad it gets. The gas was getting sticky? I drained that old gas and put some fresh gas in and it runs fine. going to change the fuel filter after a couple of tanks of gas.


I even managed to Night Shade the tails.

Here is the video…. Yes it was smoking but it wasn’t the new motor. There was a lot of oil and coolant in the exhaust from the original motor. After 10 min it was gone.

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