Day 240 “More touch up”

Well… the weekends have been nice for once and I’m not letting them go to waste. This weekend, I’m working on the doors and rear fender. I’ve got a can of MQB from Autozone. Its suppose to be a match to mine. I’m going to check it on a spare mirror housing i just happen to have and see if the color blends well. so far I’ve got the area’s sanded down. tomorrow its suppose to be 60*.  Lets just say I believe it when I see it. The weather people are sucking lately on temps.

Here are the results of the days work. hopefully finishing it tomorrow.

Here is what I had to fix.

Aafter a few hours of sanding…

Ran into a problem with the driver door and fender. I noticed some bondo under the paint. But I eat through it without knowing it. but there are a couple of dings on the fender and so I put some filler back on so, tomorrow, I can smooth that out by hand. Mainly to get the door and fender to line up.

so there she sits…. ready for tomorrow
(She needs a bath…. seriously)

And the day could not be complete without a casualty.
this is going to hurt tomorrow….. it hurts now as I’m typing
Gotta love power tools.

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