Day 241 “Time for some Color”

Tried to finish up but looks like i’ll need a few more cans of paint. lol got about 4 coats of color on there then the daylight was gone. luckily I have portable daylight that I acquired *ahem* from work. (6x54w high output T5 (European) fluorescent lamp stuffed in a 2ft x 4ft box lol. Normally used in warehouses with 50 ft ceilings. It lights up the tree line behind the house form 200 ft away very handy!!!)

Here are todays pics and shes going to have to have a bath now.


4 coats:

I can still see the primer. Hopefully a another 4 coats should do it. But none the less, so far so good. Looks like the color will match pretty well too. (Autozone Duplicolor MQB metalic)

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