Day 286 “It’s all in the details”

Now that the heads are on, I can start to focus on the details that will make this motor pop. I’ve polished the bolt heads on the LIM & UIM. then clear coated them. that gave them a gunmetal finish which looks nice. I may do that for all the gray bolts on the upper part of the motor. I shot the LIM, UIM & Valve Covers with a coat of clear to get it back shiny. Next job is the fuel rail. I’ve polished the injectors and I want polish the fuel rail and anything else that I can polish. Then finish bolting the pulleys and brackets on & wipe down all the plastic. then the motor will be ready. I’ll need to take the K member and the trans to the car wash and pressure wash them, get all the oil and grime off them. I really wish I had some headers to put on it but that will have to wait till later. Hopefully have her back together this weekend.

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