Day 510 “To-Do List”

Its moving along I guess. I’ve stripped the motor down and gotten the new motor on the stand. And I’m not sure but I might have found out what the noise was coming from. But until I get it back on the stand and give it a look I wont know for sure. I’ll let you know then.

The to-do list:
-pull valve covers and oil pan on the new motor and check it out.
-I’ll swap the springs on the heads
-Tear down the new motor.
-start bolting on stuff
-install camĀ , new timing chain, damper, new gaskets, rear main, etc.
-install headers.
-paint the engine bay.
-cut roof….. oh wait that’s still a few weeks yet.
-Pcm should be here tomorrow.
-(there’s probably more… I guess I really need to write down a list. )
-make a to-do list

Closing time!!

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