Day 513 “Junk”

So… it turns out that junkyard motor was just that… junk. anyway… bummed as I was, I decided to just fix my motor. It turns out that 1LO called it months ago… a wrist pin. I pulled the 3rd Cyl and presto the click is gone. I’ve checked the cyl walls and they are very smooth. I see no reason to have it rebuilt. I’ve ordered new piston rings and cam bearings (which I may not use), and will also order some wrist pins. Those will arrive later in the week.

Today, to get myself motivated again. I focused on the bay… and the rest of the front end as you can see below. I got a little crazy and decided to to get the whole front end clean.

I pulled the body harness all the way out and removed everything except the AC. I’m still debating to take the ac out too just to make it easier to clean and paint.

I might do all the wire mod and the fuse box mod, I haven’t decided. I also want to reroute the fuel line I think? Maybe not, Its kinda cool to have it come out of the fender.

I’m going to try to line up and fix the fenders also. get the bent brackets at the bottom straighten out. one side is got a big gap and the other when its warm will hit the door as it opens.

Long story short, I’m going to be doing a lot of detail and tedious things while I’m waiting on the parts for the motor.

Thanks john for you help and input.

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