Day 528 “Buttoning Up”

Well….. there were a few bugs to iron out but… she’s keeping the roads warm again.

-The front main seal just wouldn’t seal. See the thread¬†here¬†.Thanks John (on call lol) and Brent for the help.

-After 3 days of pulling the balancer off again…and again…. and again… I finally get that fixed and a rocker goes loose….. and I’m like wtf. I got that torqued back down. Thanks Brent for getting me off my ass today and get that fixed.

-I changed the fuel filter… ( I oops’d and didn’t change it until now.. see the pic below to see what came out of the old gas tank in a year ewww)

See the clear liquid on the floor at one end, that’s gas..
Tthe pile of mud on the other, well… thats whats was in the tank.

The creeper and I, well…. I exchanged a few words (better left not repeated *@%#!!) and we parted ways.

Now I have a shop full of garbage and equipment that I don’t know what to do with. They don’t exactly fit in the closet.

Phase 1 complete:

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