Day 533 “Plug It”

Well, just an update.

I got a egr block off plate that works now. I had to make a plug for the hole on the exhaust. The intake block off plate works great without the plug.

Also, I had a p0113 and a p0155 code which are both connection issues I think. I re-seated the PCM connectors and cleared the codes in hopes that it fixed it.

There’s still a few bugs yet:
-I’ve got a misfire. I believe its just the plugs. i’m going to pull the plugs and check them.
-There’s a noisy pulley and is sounds like its in the alternator.

Next weekend I’ll be junkyard diving for the center channel for the t-tops. Which will be happening next along with some custom head lighting R&D…..should be fun.

Tomorrow, I’m going to get a few take off vids for you guys. I’m sorta interested how it sound outside the car. I know the muffler is crappy so expect lots of rasp.

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