Day 1085 “Elbow Deep”

Here are a few little updates. As I was cleaning out the shed I found My pacesetter sticker. I thought the yellow looks pretty good next to the other yellow here.

Thanks to the fantastic people at Trico Products they send me, free of charge, 2 couplers to replace the 1 I broke right before we left for the Gathering.  Now, if I can just get my wiper switch replaced, I’ll be set.

Yesterday afternoon I figured I’d dive in and see why my blower sounds like its creating a hurricane but there’s only a light breeze coming out of the vents

About half of what I removed from the blower ducts. I was elbow deep in the ducts. It now works perfectly (well as perfect as a duct that’s had that in it for several years). Now I can actually rely on my ac to keep me cool.

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