Day 2777 “Dreaming up Parts”

The cold snap in the weather killed my 2yr old battery. Amazon honored the 36mo warranty and sent me another free of charge. It did take about 30 minutes on the phone while they figured out how to figure what to mark it as in their system. Apparently it not that common.

I finally got it installed and can daily the Camaro again. It’s more than a week since I had to park it due to the snow and dead battery.

While I was wrenching I decided to pull the Powermaster Alternator and send it to them to convert it to a 1 Wire operation. That has been my voltage drop issue from the beginning. The computer sends the signal to the alternator to command it to charge. Once it drops below a certain RPM the car will turn off the alternator. Since my RPM lopes in the 600’s it drops below the threshold. I could probably trick it by installing a circuit that delays the switching on or off. but the alternator can be fitted with a one wire operation module that allows me to go down as far as 450rpm. This feels like the best solution. Until I get it back from Powermaster its back to stock.

New battery & Alt swap back to stock:

I also made a Flywheel lock that I hope will let me tighten or loosen the crank bolt without having to hold it myself or have someone hold it for me. They don’t make one for the 3800 that sits in the bellhousing like this. Or if they do they want an arm or leg for it. I may have to trim the lock in places when I test fit it. I basically guessed on the dimensions. So, if it actually works as it is, I’m going to feel a little sad that I can dream up parts with such accuracy. This just means I’ve spent too many wrench hours under the car.

Custom Flywheel Lock:

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