Day 2787 “Thank You, Powermaster!”

To my surprise my alternator arrive back at the house. I called them Wednesday to check on it and apparently they had already shipped it back to me. I have to say that is good customer service. Thank You Powermaster! I sent it to them to convert it to a One Wire operation. It was supposed to cost about 20 bucks. I didn’t have to pay anything. So Thank You again Powermaster!

I couldn’t wait to get it back on the car to see if my problem was resolved.

Recap: My idle on the car is about 650 and when the rpm dips from letting off the gas, the voltage drops to 11v instantly. Through my testing I found that the alternator was being told to turn off. The Computer or something else probably shuts off charging at 600 rpm. Powermaster told me the spec of a One Wire operation and my math tells me I can go down to 450 rpm before the alternator turns itself off. That sounded promising, so I shipped my alternator out to them.

I got it installed and it appears so far that I’m not having that problem anymore. However, I need to change my rpm back down to 650 since I changed it to 725 or 750 until I got my alternator issue sorted out. And I need to load the system with lights, AC, fan on high, and the radiator fan running to know if the alternator can keep up at idle. The Test results attached to the Alternator says 105 amps at idle, so I’ll bet if it doesn’t turn off that it’s going to be plenty.

I will update again after making all the changes to the tune.

The package had a lot of stuff including business cards, catalogs, and stickers. But nothing mentioning what was done or how much I owed.

This plug lets me assume I dont need the factory harness.

So now the factory plug gets to hang out back here.

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