Day 2853 “Final gauge installed, final prep before Supercharging”

I finally got the last gauge installed. It took a week or so to get all the proper plumbing required, however if I just looked at the GS website they have an adapter to fit an LS rail and their sensor. It just so happens that a 4AN fitting is the on both LS and L36 fuel rails.  The gauges have a pretty “fancy” startup and shutdown animation. It’s nice, but I could do with out it. I recorded a video of the shutdown but I’ll grab a vid of both startup and shutdown just so you can see it.

Here is the fitting that Glowshift provides for LS fuel rails. the 90 is just in case there are plenum issues with it sticking up. There are no issue with the plenum for the L36.

I had to add about 3ft of length to the sensor wire to the gauge. the way I have it routed, it goes from the motor to the passenger side (entering in where the engine harness does), then traveling all the way across the underside of the dash and up to the gauge.

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