Day 2843 “2 Gauges Installed 1 to Go”

I managed to get 2 gauges install in the past few days. I ordered another for the fuel pressure to go in the 3rd pod.

The new ABS material works well. I didn’t have to do any twice which is great.

Time to swap the greyish mockups for the black ones

You can see the grey in the above photo looks super close but its really not as you can see.

For the wire harness, I drilled some big holes in the middle.

Mock up with Black pods finished. Now to tackle wiring.

This ought to show you just how much stuff I have in the car. It’s added up over the years.

Tied the Boost line next to the map sensor.

I did have to run it like this for a day. LOL

Today, I ran the wires into the car through the engine harness hole like everything else I’ve got running through the firewall. I thought about drilling another hole in the firewall but I think this is better.

Pillar wiring:

A little soldering.

Not really the neatest install but it works. At some point i need to relocate the old wiring to a new location and reduce it.

I was pleased to see that the sky blue color setting matches the factory gauges pretty well.

More posts are on their way.

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