Day 2841 “Final Design Gauge Pods”

I finally finished finished the design for my Gauge Pods. I ran out of material 3d printing these and realized that I need to have a junk roll of material to use until I’m ready to print the final. In this case I’ll be using the Grey ABS that isn’t the right color.

I went through a lot of prototypes in order to fine tune the fit and look of these pods.

I eventually had to model all the pieces in 3d in order to get it right because It just wasn’t fitting together as well as I would have liked.

I made a template that gives me the mounting holes to drill out. It’s basically the pod with most of it cut off except where it touches the pillar.

I’ve received more black ABS and are printing the final prints. Final as inĀ  as long as they come out good. LOL

The final versions for mock up are in the grey so I don’t waste a lot of abs that I use, like black. When the black versions are done printing I’ll swap them to black. This grey material will work well for other parts of the car where the color is lighter.

The grey almost matches but really not close enough for me to use it.

The amount of dirt and pollen on the car has become sad.

Next up is wiring the gauges. I still have a Fuel Pressure gauge to buy and fit into the third pod.

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    1. Yes, indeed. Its paid for its self in drone parts. but looking like small prints for the car works too. It will be time to upgrade eventually to a better faster printer.

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