Day 2832 “Quieter Than Ever”

The whole reason I changed out the timing chain now is because the stock timing set was noisy. I’ve changed the chain, gears, damper several times. It was still noisy. This double roller it much tighter than the stock chain and doesn’t require a damper. I used one anyway just because it was new and would hurt anything

First item of business is the crank sprocket. For whatever the reason the issue warped the crank sprocket or made it where it doesn’t slide off. I had to find a puller that would grab the sproket. I got it off and get it all back together.

Back to where we were before lol

I found a problem with the CPS connector. Its a pretty common problem. I’m surprised that It’s taken this long for me to have to fix it.

Luckily, I have a spare harness from the green motor. lol


It’s back on the road and the extra 2 deg timing advance on the crank is pretty fun.  The chain noise is complete gone. It’s also time for a wash.

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