Day 2827 “Custom Pillar Pods”

I designed a couple of Pillar Pods to see which I liked the most. The Dash Pods looked ok but I think I’ve found a pod I like the most.

I first designed 2 pods to mount on the inside of the pillar next to the windshield. One that has its own trim and one that mounts direct to the pillar.

This one I didn’t like as much between the 2

These however I think are the winners. They are lower profile than the other pillar style pods and will be tweaked so that they are molded to the curve of the windshield on the back. These were the first models and dont fill the gap very well. I’m going back to tweak them so that they fill the space better and  have a better mounting method. These were just stuck on, so ignore the tape that you can see.

This is the graphite gray (the closest color to the interior that I can find) and its not dark enough. You can tell that the black is too dark but the 3D printing makes it satin finish which lightens up the color somewhat. I’m going to print in black.

Also the new timing chain came in. It’s time to get the car down off the lift and back on the road.

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