Day 2940 “Operation Silence 3”

Well, It’s been more than a month since the last post but I can’t say there has been a months worth of progress. However, I did managed to get several pieces down and its looking pretty good. I’m off this week for the 4th. The goal is to have it back on the road by Monday. I honestly think that is a stretch goal. lol

The month’s worth of dirt is definitely noticeable.

I sanded down the floor pans and put down some Rustoleum to try and save them from the little bit of rust that was there.

This looks like more is done than it really is. All the gaps and corners take a while to fill in.

Hopefully by this weekend I’ll have it all laid down and then its the re-wiring of all the stuff under the dash. I’ll first have to make a wiring diagram of everything before I take it apart. That will be the only way to get it back together again.

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