Day 3007 “Operation Silence 5”

We are over the 3000 day mark. It honestly feels like I painted it 1 year ago and dropped the new motor in 5 years ago. But its been more like 4 and 8. I’ve had more fun (and hate sometimes) with this car than I ever imagined.

We are finally back to the original color inside. Its not fully assembled yet but I need to make a few electrical connections and such but we are making progress. The goal was to make it a nicer ride and it has done just that. I’ve put foam in a lot of areas that couldn’t be covered but the rubber, including under brackets for the seat mounting, the arms rests in the rear, below the rear speakers, and probably the most important place, inside the shifter boot. I didn’t take a photo of that but its filled pretty tight with foam. It doesn’t make the shift feel any different but it does remove the trans noise a noticeable amount. The tunnel is double layered for that extra sound blocking. The doors are not done yet and its noticeable that the sound is coming from the doors. I’ll be working on that and the console next.

Carpet in

Rear seats in

Seats, seat belts etc in

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