Day 3129 “New Shoe”

When I bought this set of rims, I decided to just run the old tire that were on them and replace them as needed. the front were first. the driver rear acquired a hole in the side wall and finally the passenger rear managed to find a stick to poke through the very center of the tread. If you look at what was left of the tire you wouldn’t be surprised. ordered another tire and now its a full set lol. And no more of those sensor valve stems either. I’m working on getting the interior back together since the Operation Silence. And there is a little more behind the scenes that I’ll post about in a little bit. I’ve been working on this for months which also is why there hasn’t been activity on the blog since Sept or so.

Just about used up

New tire. One thing I probably mentioned before is these new tires are somewhat wider than the old ones despite them being the same size. This means there is literally 3/16″ clearance on the inside of the tire. The other side had this already but now its both sides. I’m probably going to use some spacers to fix this but until I swap for longer lug studs I’ll have to deal and hard cornering is not advised.

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