Day 3217 “Blacked in”

2 months and its been a little hard to post updates. The weather has killed a lot of weeks, but we are blacked in. I’m pretty much all late nights and caffeine at this point. Garage doors are coming in soon and the roof will follow in a couple weeks. Siding some after that. Hopefully posts won’t be months apart again but it just depends on my free time.

My idea for the garage is to get everything insulated and when I install the HVAC, I dual zone the garage and house to have a nice comfortable garage to work in. It all depends on what I have left at the end. Right now it looks like I’m going to have to wait till the first of the year for all that.

If i haven’t mentioned it, there is a whole Master Bedroom and Bath plus a Multipurpose room that is being added during all this as well. So the wifey is getting a little bit of love with this as well.

Blacked in

Garage (center bay for the lift)

Paint Booth

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