Day 3259 “Cleaning off the Shelves”

I saw some stuff sitting on the shelf and thought to myself “why am ” waiting to install these?” I think I was waiting for the SC build originally. But I changed my mind and started putting stuff that I had collected on the car just to clean off the shelves.

You may remember a failed project that I goofed a couple years ago. I still have the parts and have tried a couple times to find another lens that fits to no avail.

But recently I purchased a new set, giving up on trying to fix those old ones. However, I really wished I could have.

I also bought a few other pieces to get the car back up to par. My tails were leaking, the dear had messed up the driver side front blinker housing and my homemade LED 3rd brake light was getting a little rough.

Off with the old

Requires the 98+ sockets and a new flasher (electronic)

Now before you get all grossed out, I understand that most old school car guys hate this look. And I can’t agree more. lol

And whats the proper way to fit ugly taillights? lol Night Shade of course!

My curing station

Now a pesky problem with the ABS and the 3rd brake light. I don’t know why but you have to have a load that is greater than the LEDs to make the ABS shutup.

Relay wired parallel to the trigger leads (85, 86). (it literally does nothing beside create a load)

All better

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