Day 3248 “It has no power!”

Unfortunately a couple weeks ago I was returning home from work and 1 mile from the house I began to smell some fluid hitting exhaust. It was not an oil smell but it was sudden and pretty strong so I panicked. I looked behind me and there was a plume of smoke trailing behind me so I cut the car off and coasted into the driveway.

Turns out the Power Steering Pump took a dump and made a mess. Since I’m in the middle of house construction I didn’t fix it right away. Eventually, I wanted to get it back on the road and I’m pretty sure that was a parts house Pump. So I ordered a reman’d AcDelco PS Pump in the hopes it lasts more than a couple years.

I’m still not able to use the shop…. bummer. But the good news is that I’m about ready to get a floor coating to put on it so I can work with messy fluids and not stain the floor. Hopefully in the next few weeks I can post about that.

The mess

Pool of fluid on the K member

Covered the hood

Not a drop left in the reservoir

It took a minute to get that pulley off the pump. I had to get a hose clamp around the pulley tool to keep it from slipping off and then an impact drill to try and break it loose. I certainly wasn’t going to be able to wrench it by hand. It was tight.

A couple hours later I finally had a pulley free and a new pump ready to go in.

The rest is SOP. Its back on the road and I’m happy to have my car back 😀

Its filthy from just 2 weeks on sitting…. :-\ Maybe today’s rain tsunami will knock off all that and make it look half way decent.

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