Day 3427 “Still in the gravel”

More maintenance required before I can even pull into the garage. Yet another repair in the gravel. This wasn’t super difficult or long to fix. It’s just that I have a garage to do this stuff on smooth comfortable concrete and I’m still stuck in the gravel lol.

I’m afraid its going to be a minute before I can bring in some more dirt and gravel to raise the drive to the garage to pull in anyway. I have to move the metal carport and build a french drain for when I raise the drive it doesn’t try to go through the garage to get away. So, this work in the gravel may still be the case even after the first of the year. By the time I get into the garage I wont have anything regular to fix so maybe that will line me to to start the SC build straight away. 😀

Anyway, I heard some metal on metal in the rear brakes. I knew what was up. these are the same pads I’ve been rocking since I swapped to this rear end. They weren’t new then either lol.

I’ll have to get these rotors turned at some point too.

I also found my first casualty from the construction zone. Gotta get that fixed too. :-\

And always torque to spec lol

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