Day 3486 “New Year, New Cuts”

The holidays brought some much needed time off and also time to mod a little bit. I’m still working on the house here and there, mostly shelving etc. My car however hasn’t been so lucky. I did find time to work on something productive though.

My car has looked like this for months, the glare from the speedo is just awful.

Here is my speedo bezel…. and what I did to it lol.

I tried to cut as little as possible because I plan to rearrange a few things once I have time to work on stuff.

The result 😀

My plan is to match up the bezel by reprinting these pieces adding material to meet the bezel. It wont look completely factory but it will be pretty nice if it looks how I envision it. I hope to blend it in to the factory pieces.

I also have a bit of wire management and a bunch of rewiring to do.

Now I can have a speedo that doesn’t blind me in the day or cast light on the windshield at night.

I’m still not in the garage yet. So much work could get done if I was. I would at least be motivated to work, if its not out in the cold. 2020 is looking good so far. Just got to get over the hump lol.

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