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Day 1330 “Projector 1.0”

I’m nearing the end of XPBRProjector 1.0 (which is what I’ve decided to call the headlights)

Here are a couple of pics of the progress.

Possible sticker location ( still deciding if its too much sticker ):

The mounting brackets and adjustment hardware is hammered out:

Finally, FedEx delivered the package with my perf board that they’ve had for 5 days on a truck :-\ :

It may look like garbage once its in the car but I’m optimistic.

if it looks as good as this I’ll be ok with it.

Day 1337 “Projectors installed”

So since this weekend I’ve been running the projectors and I enjoy them. however with custom fab work you run into issue with your first prototypes. I’m redesigning the housings to take care of the issues I’ve ran into. But here are the XPBRProjector 1.0 housings.

Pics are kinda grainy do to the low light I took them in.

Grey gasket isn’t final. It’s the only gasket I could get ahold of locally. Plus the bezel should cover whatever I get anyway.

Here are the painted perfboard for the leds that I have yet to assemble.

Day 1341 “Seats”

Stuff arrived Saturday.

First things first, SEATS!

I ran into a problem though. These things do not fit in the car, even with their adapter brackets. It sits way too high. I’m disappointed in the adapter brackets as well. At 80 each and they don’t fit without some modification. As in the holes are off and the passenger was out of square.  I’ll be calling them and asking for them to refund some cash even though I’ve beat these things to shit with a hammer just to get them to fit.

I spent all day cutting up the seat brackets to make these just about sit on the floor of the car. I’ve almost got the driver side in the right spot. The passenger side is less important seeing as nobody drives from over there.

Here is the seat belt loop mounted.

Day 1348 “Seats installed”

I snapped a seat bolt this weekend.

However, the seats are finally all the way in. Now onto the next item on the list.

I’ve also ordered a little more paint. I ordered a half gallon of my blue primer so I can respray the whole car, a qt of black to do the accents, and some tape and stuff for the spray.

Right now it looks like I’ll be spraying the beginning of April.

Day 1354 “I don’t have the Power”

So last week I discovered that my “Fuse box” (yes, FUSE box) first, was a fire hazard because I found out the oven fuse was arching. And second, that I didn’t have enough service to run the compressor on top of the everything else.


1956 Fuse box, BAD!

1956 Fuse Box retired: (I could probably donate it to a museum.)

New up-to-date Breaker box: (Finally ready to connect my compressor.)

Day 1358 “A Roof over my Head”

This is a small update. It’s small but important.

I ordered a carport to turn into a temp booth. It will be installed Monday.

I’ll be getting the material to set the compresssor up (concrete, lumber, roofing) next to the house. The wiring is mostly done. I have to run it out of the attic down where the compressor will be. After the carport is up, I already have lighting to install along the sides for the booth as well as my big 6 lamp HO fluorescent that works for the overhead.

I’m really excited that I have a roof to work under now. Weather can shove it!

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